Tomislav BradicAhoy there! Welcome on board! My name is Tomislav Bradić. I’m a skipper and sailing instructor. Sailosophy is a blog about life under sails and all sea lovers are more than welcome.

The blog is mine but some of the most experienced Croatian skippers – members of its expert team – have a great influence in setting its tone.

Blog title is in English because only that domain, of all the rest that I tried to buy, was free and because I think locally and act globally.

By the way, I’m a journalist by occupation. I worked for several Croatian daily newspapers and I was an editor-in-chief of the biggest Croatian jobsite.

Besides sailing, I’m also into diving and spear fishing, I play guitar and I adore the blues.

If you  want to (learn how to) sail, or you need a skipper or a boat on the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea, just contact me and I will take care of all the rest!