Zivko MatutinovicŽivko Matutinović

Sailing instructor, skipper and base manager at ANA sailing school. He has lived under sails for more than 30 years. He participated in Whitbread Round the World Race (today Volvo Ocean Race) and in Columbus 500 Race in honour of 500 years from Columbus expeditions. He conducts all courses – from basic to Malta. He is an excellent connoisseur of Mediterranean cuisine, able chef and a great gourmand.


Lamjana JurcecLamjana Jurčec

Sailing instructor, skipper and specialist for regatta sailing. No chance that she misses any regattas in the Adriatic and broader. She is a member of Marina Frapa women’s sailing team. Her next challenge is the Atlantic. She conducts basic and advanced courses. She is an engineer of physics – meteorology. One look at the horizon is enough for her to predict the weather.


Ivan NemetIvan Nemet

Sailing instructor and skipper with 5 years of experience. As a true continental – he was born in Slavonija, continental part of Croatia famous by its meat products – he became a vegetarian and decided to live by the sea. He practices yoga and he is very calm, but firm when needed, so his nickname is Zen. He wins with his smile. He conducts basic and advanced courses. In his free time he’s on his hobby cat or he surfs on the shores of Portugal. He tries to play guitar.


Zvonimir RasteZvonimir Raste

Sailing instructor and skipper with 8 years at sea behind him. Although at first he leaves an impression of a seasoned pirate, in his case you really can’t judge the book by its cover. Zvone is simply a great guy with a great sense of humour, and from him you can learn the most important word in the Mediterranean – Easy. He conducts all courses – from basic to Transadriatic. He is well acquainted with boat motors. He learns to play ukulele.


Josko SicilianiJosko Siciliani

Sailing instructor and skipper with more than 10 years of experience. As you can conclude from his surname, he is a compound of hot Sicilian blood and warm Adriatic Sea. He is a professional cook. He have been at sea from when he was born. He conducts all courses and he is specialized in sport and regatta courses. He knows his way with boat plastics. He is a great audiophile and he plays bongos.


Vlado OdribozicVlado Odribožić

Sailing instructor and skipper. Vlado literary came down from the mountain to the sea. Trekking, climbing and mountaineering are his hobbies. When he isn’t sailing he is probably on his bike or behind a computer where he is thinking about his new internet project. He conducts basic and advanced courses. When he is in the base the school flags are properly flying on the boats.