Why to go to sailing school?

Škola jedrenja
In sailing school you won’t just learn how to steer a boat. Sailing school is much more. It’s also a school of life

Cover photo by Thomas Priegl

People often think of sailing as some kind of luxury leisure activity and to most it’s unnatural. That’s not correct. Nowadays one can spend a week on a sailing boat for a little more money than for an average apartment. And the experience isn’t ‘cheap’ at all.

Also, humans didn’t start to sail because of leisure but because of need so Sailing is one of the oldest human activities. It can hardly get more natural than that. The fact that we think of in as unnatural says more about our alienation from our routs. One can see that best when course participants after few days of struggle at the se, discover that routs again.

In sailing school you won’t learn just to steer a boat. You can learn a lot more. So I warmly recommend it if you want to:

1. Spend an active holiday

If you don’t like just to rest on a beach, sailing school is ideal for you. You will spend the whole day in action and in nature. Sailing will kick you out from your shoes instantly. You will soon realize that all your problems and worries aren’t so important at the sea. Although you will maybe check your phone or emails first few days I can guarantee you that by the end of the course you will forget about them.

2. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill renovates you and gives you a new perspective and, who knows, maybe a hobby can become something more once. And you will for sure learn more than just to steer a boat. Sailing pulls off all your masks and forces you to face yourself and with your good as well as with not so good traits.

3. Meet new people

Sailing is great activity because it attracts people of all age, education and status groups. It’s almost unbelievable how completely different persons work great together on a boat. I don’t want it to sound like bragging but I’ve met some of the most interesting persons in my life while sailing.

4. Become a skipper

You can also live well from sailing as a job. If you want to work as a skipper one day, you have to start somewhere. And the best place for that is a sailing school. Because there you will learn all about sailing in a consistent and systematic way from experienced instructors that also sail professionally.

5. Change your life

Sailing is ideal activity for that. It changed my life completely. If you are on some kind of turning point that’s it, you are ready for sailing. When I talked to people about their motives I realized that most of them see sailing as a meditation. It’s the activity that holds you firmly in the present moment and therefore frees your mind to solve all your problems. It’s interesting how the solution often bursts out when you’re not focused on it at all.

6. Sail around the world

Every great journey starts with a first step or in sailing with a first mile. It’s hard for me to point out a person that didn’t have such dream at some point in life. Sailing school is a first step that the dream becomes reality.

Have you already been at sailing school and what were your reasons?

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