We eagerly awaited encounter with the endless blue and the land at the ‘other side’

Cover and most of the other photos by: Goran Kragol

One of the things I like the most at ANA sailing school is club feeling. Many participants come back to school every year and we don’t look at them as only participants anymore but as a dear friends and club members. The best is that you haven’t seen these people for a year but when they come back to Jezera you have the impression that you took part yesterday and you just continue where you stopped last year.

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When I started with intensive sailing last year, I didn’t even dream of being the one who will pass that ‘addiction’ to others.

Cover photo by: Dalibor Jovanović

It seems like I don’t exist in the ‘real’ world. My mobile phone is off, I don’t read emails, and I don’t check my facebook profile… But, indeed I exist. At the sea. It is absolute and requires the whole person and it accepts you in that way as well. Only when you succumb to it completely, it gives a lot. The chance to suck life from its very well. It is a powerful drug.

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Dolphins fascinate us from time immemorial and have an important role in myths. Sailors believe that they are sign of good fortune. They are still a big mystery to us.

Cover photo by: Gordon Abercombie, S/Y T.G. Ellyson

One of the most beautiful experiences of sailing is when the dolphins show up. To be true, I’m not sure if that’s some kind of primeval or new age sense of fraternity and oneness with all living things and universe itself. But in those moments, while watching those creatures that fit so well into the sea that they seem to be made of it, one feels a rush of joy because he is – alive.

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