Škola jedrenja
In sailing school you won’t just learn how to steer a boat. Sailing school is much more. It’s also a school of life

Cover photo by Thomas Priegl

People often think of sailing as some kind of luxury leisure activity and to most it’s unnatural. That’s not correct. Nowadays one can spend a week on a sailing boat for a little more money than for an average apartment. And the experience isn’t ‘cheap’ at all.

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There is a magic word that will make most of the mariners in marinas more than willing to help you – a tip.

Cover illustration by JamesArty

Last year I spent two months working as a mariner in marina. It was an opportunity to see how things look from the ‘other side of the dock’. I heard lots of various, not so positive stories, about mariners, although I haven’t had any problems with them so far. I will try to explain what they do and how they do it. I will also give you few advices how to turn them into your best friends and not the worst foes while sailing in Croatia.

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Hir 3
Restoration of a legendary sailing yacht ‘HIR 3’ that has already started is actually only the beginning of a much bigger dream – to sail around the World.

It is my caprice! This was a response of a 65-year old man to everyone who kept asking him what he was thinking when he started building his first boat. The old man was Ramiro Bujas, the founder of Croatian modern psychology, and as an experienced psychologist, he obviously new very well how to deal with stupid questions. In the end, he named his boat ‘Caprice’ (Hir). At the time he probably never expected to make such a huge impact that his grandson will name his first two boats after his – Caprice.

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